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The website is your online “home” where you present yourself, the brand and the business. For many, the site has a key role in the marketing activities whether the site is based on a direct or indirect revenue model. An owned platform gives you more flexibility and more opportunities. You can build a website tailored to your business and finances with WordPress, where you can choose among many free and premium options for design, functionality and website builder. You may also use code when tailoring the site, but it is not necessary.

  • Your Own Website?

    Your Own Website?

    With WordPress as your website platform you can choose among more than 10.000 free themes for the look & feel of your site, and more than 60.000 free plug-ins for different functionality. I have chosen to use WordPress to create & operate my websites, and for organizing of the content. I have chosen to deep…

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My first video as self-employed, created during strange and challenging times.