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Publishing content at your own website gives you control over the content, and hopefully also more direct traffic. User activities and conversions happen at your “home”. This provide valuable data when analyzing what works and what should be adjusted in the content strategy to reach your goals: What kind of content should be produced? Is the content useful to the target audience? What distribution channels reach the target audience? Does the content stand out, is it noticed? Do you achieve the desired action? How to keep your content up to date? And much more.

  • Content tips and tricks

    Content tips and tricks

    As a content designer, I develop both visual and text-based content, and have the overall strategic responsibility for what is produced. I research new subjects, translate, publish and distribute content in different channels. What content to produce, how to produce it, how to keep it updated, where to distribute it, and how to get it…

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Kristina Lausund





My first video as self-employed, created during strange and challenging times.